Why use a mortgage broker

If you had $200,000 in your investment portfolio, would you have a financial planner help you with managing your portfolio?

Your mortgage is one of the largest financial decisions you make! You need a mortgage planner, someone who plans your mortgage strategy on an ongoing basis until your mortgage is paid off.

At Best Mortgages Vancouver that’s exactly what we do. We sit down with you, evaluate your needs, find out about your goals and then work out a strategy that will let you reach your goals.

Contact a Best Mortgages Vancouver Mortgage Specialist for a no-obligation, no-cost analysis of your needs then consider filling out an application, either with your Mortgage Specialist or on-line.

Why not deal with the bank directly?

The fact is that each bank branch acts as a separate profit centre independent of their head office. They are rewarded and paid based upon the profitability of their overall mortgage portfolio. It is not in their best interest to offer you the best rates or direct you to another lender if they think the other lender has a better product.

Your Best Mortgages Vancouver mortgage specialist works for you!

Unbiased Advice!

As mortgage brokers our job is simple to make sure you get the best mortgage available!

Since we are not affiliated with any one lender, we can offer you mortgage products from over 45 lenders including many of the same lenders you’re used to dealing with, plus some innovative broker-only lenders who offer even more attractive rates and features. Our focus is on you and meeting your needs.

Save Time!

Lets face it we are all busy these days. Going from lender to lender, comparing products, filling out applications and trying to negotiate for their best rate can be an intimidating and time consuming process.

It’s our business to be aware of all the recent trends and new products on the market. If a hot new product becomes available that fits your needs we’ll be able to let you know about it right away.

We are committed to making sure the entire process of arranging your financing is as easy as possible.

Save Money!

Lots of web sites including ours list what they call “Today’s Best Rates”. But at Best Mortgages Vancouver, we don’t want to mislead you.

Mortgage rates change regularly, so you may see a rate advertised that’s no longer available by the time you apply. What’s more, certain rates are only available to clients with specific needs or credit qualifications or they may only be available for a limited time.

Consider that some mortgages with very low rates may not give you the options or flexibility you need. The only way we can accurately quote you the best rate is to do a free analysis of your situation, needs and goals. Then once we know exactly what’s right for you, we’ll shop the market and find you the best-available package of rates and features.


Your mortgage is one of the largest financial transactions in your life! Whether you are looking to buy your first home, re-new or refinance an existing home or trying to the find the best strategy for financing an investment property, our mortgage specialists have over 25 years of experience in finance, real estate sales, appraisal and taxation that will help you make the right decision.

Secure Lenders!

Mortgage brokers deal with the same reputable, established Canadian financial institutions you’re used to. We have access to some innovative broker-only lenders who sometimes offer even more attractive rates and features.

And best of all it doesn’t cost you anything!

In most cases it’s the selected lender who pays our fees. How can we get better rates and have the banks pay our fees? In fact it saves the bank money to deal with a mortgage broker since they don’t have to pay us unless we actually bring them a mortgage and they don’t have the overhead associated with staffing and operating a branch.