Free Mortgage Review

There is no reason to wait until your mortgage renewal date to review your current mortgage.
Life does not stand still and your financial situation may have changed since you obtained your mortgage.

Our goal is to help you integrate your mortgage into your overall financial plan. You can protect and even accumulate wealth by looking at your mortgage as a powerful financial tool. I will work with you to look for ways to optimize the equity in your home and find solutions that will help you become mortgage free sooner!

Our mortgage planning process looks at your current and future needs and will consider:

  • Cash flow and debt management – strategies that may help you improve monthly cash flow and save interest costs.
  • Liquidity and safety net – strategies that may help you build a financial buffer in the event of unemployment, disability, an unexpected expense or even a downturn in real estate values.
  • Diversification of assets – strategies that may help you move some of your equity into income earning assets that could strengthen your overall financial picture.
  • Wealth accumulation – strategies that in combination with your financial planner may help you create a tax deductible mortgage along with a wealth building investment portfolio.

How we can help

  • Work with a deicated mortgage planner.
  • Get answers to all your questions about financing.
  • Advise on interest rates, terms and strategies to save you money!

We offer a free, no obligation phone consultation without any sales pitch.

Why do we do this for free? Simple – if we do a good job answering your questions, maybe we can earn your business. We are sure willing to try.